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FAQ for Applications from Abroad

What is the recruiting process?

1. Screening of incoming applications

Once you have applied to one of the positions listed on our job portal or we have received your speculative application at, we will contact you to confirm we have received your application. Your documents will then be carefully reviewed. These should include a cover letter and a complete resume. It is important for us to see why you are interested in Berlitz, what qualifies you for the position in question and what you might expect of us as a company. Then you will hear from us within two weeks.

Do I have to have an external teaching certificate to work for Berlitz?

Having an external teaching certificate will qualify you to teach some classes that you would not be qualified to teach otherwise, however, having one is not obligatory. For English, we will assist you in receiving third party certification within the first year of working for us.

2. Telephone interview

Should your application be a possible match for one of our centers, you will be invited to a telephone or video interview. This initial conversation offers both parties the opportunity to get to know one another better. You can use the opportunity to explain what motivated you to apply at Berlitz, why you look forward to a new professional challenge, what you see as your core strengths and what you might expect from us. This is also perhaps a good time to address things such as your starting date, income expectations, visa requirements and any other questions you may have about the position.

Do I receive help from Berlitz when applying for a visa?

Berlitz will provide you with a letter stating that we would like to offer a freelance position at the company upon successful completion of training. Be aware, the visa application process can take up to 3 months and there is no guarantee that it will be successful. Therefore, most centers prefer candidates who are already in the country.

3. First face-to-face meeting

So you liked what you heard during the telephone interview and so did we? Then we look forward to meeting you in person at Berlitz. The interview will be held at the center for which the opening was advertised and at which you would like to work. Not sure? We can help you! Naturally, this means you will have a chance to meet the pedagogical supervisor of the center. The aim of this meeting is for both parties to get a personal impression of one another and to ensure that both parties have realistic expectations of each other. We also want to get an impression of your pedagogical techniques or, if you are new to the field, how you would teach your language.

4. Second face-to-face interview

If everything has gone well until this point, a second meeting will be set up with the Center Director. This interview will center on you – your personality and skills set – and is a good opportunity to address any other important organizational aspects. At this stage, we welcome you to ask any further questions you may have. After this final meeting, it’s decision time – for us and you!

5. Training

If the outcome of the interviews is successful for both parties and you have the required documentation to live and work in Germany, you will be invited to the Berlitz Initial Training. This training is free of charge, is held over 8 working days, and you will get to know our materials and learn our teaching method.

6. Starting!

You will be given a freelance agreement on successful completion of the Berlitz Initial Training and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding it. Once we have the signed agreement and you have provided bank details, you are ready to start your new position at Berlitz!

7. Welcome on board!

We plan every aspect of getting you started with the utmost care – from the moment you send your CV until you complete the initial training and sign the contract. You can rest assured that we are pleased to welcome you on board and look forward to working with you. Ongoing workshops and center meetings will expand your skill base and help you integrate into the team.

Should you have any questions regarding our instructor application process, please contact:

Ms. Schmidt, Instruction Recruitment Support
Tel: +49 177 930 27 54


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